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The SSG is a rack system (gong hanger) that, thanks to special suspensions and gongs patented by METS, makes up a system of reactive targets. Their purpose does not differ from the traditional suspended targets, but the performance and functionality rank it much higher. The rack system, which thanks to an innovative solution fits into a bag similar to a tourist bag allows you to move it and deploy it even on the most inaccessible sites. Its weight is low and legs can be fixed even to the most difficult ground at any angle. Innovative target suspensions prevent gongs against breaking and uncontrolled movements after being hit by a bullet.

On one rack you can hang many Hardox targets and dedicated target boards with control targets (TS-2 size paper targets), expanded with an option of measuring the Average Hit Point (APT) in square centimetres will allow us to confirm our shooting results. Their multifunctionality will help us record the shooting results, shooting conditions and windage adjustments. Targets that we offer are characterized by custom durability and can resist bullets fired from large calibre weapons. Their shape and size is arbitrary, so we can carry out shooting with any type of firearm at any distance. METS target suspensions prevent and completely eliminate the breaking of the gong while shooting.

The suspension system is a Community utility model registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

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